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Lauren's Flash and Floral Arrangement Designs

Please note, these drawings have been done on 8.5x11" paper, and although I can change the sizing to a little smaller or larger, drastic size differences would result in drastic design differences. Designs can be chosen as-is by indicating which sheet and image you'd like to get.

For floral arrangement pieces, please indicate which sheets and drawings you are looking to incorporate. Please list in order of importance, and the day of your tattoo we can spend some time arranging and combining them with stencils.

I will continue to update the list of available designs as I create them.

If you've booked a flash appointment and would like to change the design you chose to another available design, please email me.

Please note, these designs are available to all clients.

They are NOT limited to one-time only.

I actually have a couple of them I've tattooed on myself.

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