Guidelines and Policies due to Covid-19

Please read thoroughly

Covid-19 information and screening


My priority, as always, is your safety and mine, and I am doing everything possible to keep us as safe as possible. Although your appointment will be structured very differently than in the past, it is very important to me that you still have a positive experience. Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions or tell me your concerns. We can work together to find solutions.


I realize business closures and social distancing have been polarizing throughout the community. I ask that you respect the new shop policies if you choose to get a tattoo during these times. Many new policies are now mandated, and others I have added for your safety and mine.


Please take the time to read through New Hampshire’s Stay at Home 2.0 regulations for body art, as well as the CDC and OSHA links provided. This can be viewed at


I do not know how long these new policies will need to be in effect…. until it is safe to go back to a normal way of life and work? Please know, that everything is subject to change as we see how the pandemic plays out.


The shop will look different. You and I will look different. And your appointment will look different.  I have always very much loved running a shop where I am able to take my time hanging out with my clients before and after your appointment. I have always loved meeting their friends and family and spending the day. Unfortunately, a lot of this will be different for a while. Consultations or questions and concerns will have to be answered via email or phone beforehand. To minimize persons in the shop, and the length of time they are there everything will be prepared beforehand. There will be minimal time outside of actually physically getting tattooed that we are with one another.


Because of the increased deep cleaning in between all clients and all the other new ways of working I will be keeping a less jam-packed schedule. I understand that booking a ways out is inconvenient and at this time the remainder of 2020 is only open for rescheduling people who had appointments missed. I am not accepting new appointments at this time.


Tattoo appointments may be shorter than usual. This will be determined when we get back into it and based on the reasonable duration of time I can work on you with the additional PPE as well as how long you are able to sit with minimal breaks requiring leaving the shop.


All clients must be scheduled beforehand. No walk-in appointments or consultations are permitted. Clients must wait in their car and text Lauren when they arrive. 401 824 4729. Please arrive at your appointment time, not before or later. If you are more than 15 minutes later than your scheduled appointment time your appointment will be considered a no-show. Five Sirens will have a locked door policy.


No clients are permitted to “wait” in the waiting room. This means you may not come in before your appointment or otherwise hang around.


It is strongly suggested that you use the restroom before your appointment. The restroom on the first floor requires a key which will be available just outside Five Sirens’ door. These are community restrooms used by businesses and customers on the first floor, and maintained and cleaned by the building. I am sure they are working diligently to keep everything cleaned regularly, but I cannot ensure the frequency of this. Please use precautions touching any surfaces on your way to, from, or in the restrooms.

Please do not forget to come back with the key.


Your temperature may be scanned at the door. If you have a high temperature you will have to reschedule no sooner than three weeks from your appointment date, choosing from the available dates remaining in the year.


All clients MUST wear a mask at ALL TIMES within the shop. If you do not have one I can provide a disposable mask for you for a fee. Please let me know before you arrive and I will have it waiting outside the door for you. I will also be required to wear a mask at all times, along with safety goggles and/or a face shield. You are strongly encouraged to wear a face shield as well. Please note that I, myself, have poor hearing. I rely quite a bit on watching people speak, so I will need you to speak up during the time we’re together so that I can hear you.


Absolutely no guests will be permitted in the shop (with exception only for disability needs) at any time. 


Clients will need to sanitize their hands upon entering the shop and/or wash their hands with antibacterial soap for a minimum of 30 seconds. I have disposable nitrile gloves and you are welcome to use a pair during your appointment if you are more comfortable.


Please be mindful to not touch or handle anything unnecessary and refrain from touching your face while in the shop.


Absolutely no food, beverage, or vaping allowed in the shop. Please have eaten and hydrated before you arrive and keep additional items for yourself in your car should you need them. I cannot provide things like candy and beverages. This is by order of the state. If you are someone who will likely need food or drink during a tattoo you should reschedule for later in the year or consider having a short appointment.


Please bring ONLY essential items inside the shop (keys, phone, ID and credit card for payment, and your medical needs if you have any).


Five Sirens will not be tattooing anywhere near the face, neck, chest or any area requiring our faces be situated very closely until further notice


If you or anyone you have been in contact with have recently had Covid-19 or symptoms of Covid-19, or feel in any way unwell you must reschedule your appointment a minimum of three weeks later choosing from the available dates remaining in the year.


If you have traveled internationally or domestically, or used public transportation in the past two weeks you must reschedule a minimum of three weeks later choosing from the available dates remaining in the year.


At the moment I am not aware of any travel restrictions in between states. Of course things may change on a day to day basis. Please monitor the regulations if you are traveling from out of state. If you need to reschedule because you will be traveling please let me know and we can choose an available date left in the year.


All clients are advised to speak with their physician about the risk of getting a tattoo during a pandemic. In addition to the normal risks associated with an open wound, a new tattoo might make you more susceptible to viral infections. Having your body work to heal an open wound might make you less able to fight a virus and visa versa.


If you are considered “high risk” I ask that you reschedule for your own safety.


If you have changed your mind, are not comfortable or otherwise would like to delay your appointment to later in the year I completely understand. Please let me know with as much notice as you can provide. If you would prefer to apply a deposit and/or drawing fee that you have already paid to purchase artwork from Five Sirens instead of toward a tattoo I will have options available soon.


All paperwork must be completed before your appointment. If you are able please print these forms and fill out in black or blue ink before entering the shop. If you are not able to do so please take the time to read them thoroughly so you are able to ask questions via email beforehand, and forms will be provided to you at the start of your appointment. These include consent form, body art disclosure, aftercare paperwork and an additional Covid-19 liability waiver. Please do not forget your ID. IDs cannot be expired or the temporary paper version, must have your photo and birthday and be government issued. Examples are license, passport, military ID. You may be asked to show a second form of ID.


All designs and sizing must be finalized before your appointment. I will be working very hard to send drawings out sooner than I usually do so that you can decide on a size. I will ask that you give me your height or width dimension in inches so that I can pre-size and pre-make stencils for you before your appointment.


All colors must be chosen before your appointment. Because of new procedures I must set up our work space before you arrive. This means I cannot add additional inks to your line up.