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Tattoos will be scheduled Mondays through Fridays at noon with Lauren and Mondays through Fridays at 1pm with Jon.

FLASH and FLORAL ARRANGEMENT pieces are preferred.

Lauren and Jon have their own available designs and you must book with that artist.

Appointments are not interchangeable.

Flash pieces are pretty straightforward. We just need to know which one, where it’s going on your body and for you to request a day.

These drawings can not be altered, and the sizes cannot be changed dramatically.

Flash tattoos are $325 per hour.

Please include on your appointment request which drawing and the location on your body.

Click HERE to view available FLASH drawings with Lauren.

Click HERE to view available FLASH drawings with Jon.

"FLORAL ARRANGEMENTS" give a client the opportunity to pick among a number of pre-drawn flowers and leaves and have them arranged where they choose (arms and legs will be given preference). These drawings cannot be altered, nor sizes changed dramatically, but you can choose just one or many to be combined.

Placement and arranging happens at the beginning of your tattoo appointment,  after paperwork. Stencils are placed with soap and water and are washable until you decide you're in love and want it tattooed as placed and viewed in the mirror.

FLORAL ARRANGEMENT tattoos are $325 per hour.

Arrangement and placement time is part of your appointment and that time will be factored into the total cost.

Please include on your appointment request which drawings and the location on your body, along with total size you're looking to get.


Click HERE to view the available drawings for FLORAL ARRANGEMENT appointments with Lauren.



Please follow Instagram updates for new drawings that are added regularly.

Custom pieces need a bit more information....


what you’d like to get

where on your body

how large in inches

blackwork or color

if you have existing scarring or tattoos in that location

Priority will be given to clients whom we've been working with toward a goal, and the pieces we are most interested in working on.

Incomplete requests will not be accepted.

Custom tattoos are $350 per hour.

(second or third sittings on custom tattoos are also $350 per hour).


For those who know us best the things we like most are plants, animals, and occult imagery. We like tattooing legs, arms, and hands.



We will not accept: 

Designs requesting that we copy someone else's work.

Multi-faceted designs without cohesion, which will appear cluttered, lettering, or coverups.

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