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Aftercare Instructions


Treat your new tattoo as you would an open wound. Keep it clean. Only touch healing tattoos with clean hands. Before touching or cleaning the tattooed area, wash hands thoroughly with antibacterial soap and water. 


30minutes-1hour after your tattoo carefully remove the bandage. If the bandage sticks, wet the bandage to remove it. Do not rip it off. As soon as you remove the dressing, wash the tattoo thoroughly but gently with warm water and antibacterial soap. Air dry. With cleaned hands apply a very thin (not shiny, not sticky-only what absorbs into the skin) layer of ointment to the tattoo. Neosporin and Bacitracin are recommended, but please take care to only use products you know you have no adverse reactions to.


Repeat cleansing and application of the antibiotic ointment 2-4 times a day for 4-7 days. After 4-7 days, switch to unscented fragrance-free body moisturizer.


Avoid sunburn, swimming, hot tubs, saunas, and steam baths while tattoo is healing. Itching and peeling are expected, but do not scratch or pick at the tattoo. Do not let your tattoo come in contact with surfaces likely to be dirty (gym equipment, desks, keyboards, etc). If you sweat make sure to clean your tattoo thoroughly and immediately after.


The approximate healing time for tattoos is 2-4 weeks. Human bodies are highly individual and healing times can vary. Your tattoo should not hurt much worse than a sunburn. If your tattoo causes more pain or discomfort than a sunburn or scrape, please contact your doctor immediately.


If you are not sure about the way your tattoo is healing, give me a call and let me evaluate your tattoo's progress. Sometimes even a well cared for tattoo may need a small touch-up. Touch-ups may be needed for an area that did not heal well or needs a little more color added. The tattoo will need at least 4 weeks to heal prior to any touch-ups. Please contact me within 6 weeks of getting your tattoo if you think you need a touch up.


Healing and caring for your new tattoo is YOUR responsibility.



Consult your healthcare provider for:


Unexpected redness, tenderness or swelling


Unexpected drainage

Fever within the first 24-72 hours of the procedure


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