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We are still trying to streamline consent forms and aftercare as regulations required to minimize time people might be in a waiting area. There are 4 forms required for each client prior to a tattoo. Please take some time before your appointment to review them and reach out with any questions you might have via email. Five Sirens' Covid-19 guidelines are available to read in detail at under the Covid-19 Response tab and we strongly urge you to take the time to review them.


Each client will still be required to bring an ID (non-expired non-temporary paper version. Acceptable government issued IDs are license, state ID, passport, military ID. You may be asked to show a second form of ID or additional card(s) with your name)


If you are more comfortable doing so you may print these forms and fill them in beforehand with a black or blue ink pen.


Friendly reminder that you must come alone to your appointment (with exception only for disability needs)


Please arrive exactly at your appointment time. Five Sirens now has a locked door policy and no one is permitted before their appointment time.


Masks properly worn covering both mouth and nose are required 100% of the time. If you do not have a mask we can provide a disposable mask for you for a fee (Please tell us before your appointment.) If you have a face shield it is suggested that you wear that in addition to a mask for your safety and ours considering the closeness required to perform a tattoo.


Please bring ONLY essential items into the shop. Examples are phone, keys, ID, form of payment, personal medical essentials. You will be asked to sanitize or bag your phone if you'd like to keep it on you during your tattoo.


Each client is required by state regulations to use hand sanitizer or wash their hands with antibacterial soap for a minimum of 30 seconds upon entering the shop.


Please confirm the size in inches, and location of your tattoo, and if you're getting color or blackwork only. If you selected a flash piece or floral arrangement piece(s) please screenshot and circle which one(s) so that we can have everything ready for you when you come in.


If you're waiting on viewing your drawing, we will be emailing that out separately 1-2 days before your appointment for you to review.


Please reach out with questions and concerns before your appointment so that we can assist you to the best of our ability.



Thank you

Lauren and Jon

If you would like to fill out your paperwork before your appointment to minimize time in the waiting area, please print the following 4 forms and fill out with black or blue pen.

Make sure to initial and sign all areas.

Please reach out if you have any questions. 

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