How does booking work?

Now that you know about your investment, here’s what happens when you request a day...

Square online booking will send me an email alert, and will put a hold on your credit card for that amount. 

They never ever give me your credit card info. 

When I review the appointment request I will either approve or deny that appointment request. If it is approved, then you’re in the calendar, your card will get charged that amount, and we can chat further about your appointment if needed.

You will receive an email notification from Square.


If your request gets denied then you are NOT in the calendar, your card will NOT be charged, and you are welcome to try again the next time appointments are open.

You will receive an email notification from Square.

Any appointment requests that do not include ALL of the following information will be denied

What would you like to get?

Where on your body is it going?

How large in inches would you like to go?

Do you have existing scarring or tattoos in that area?

Are you interested in blackwork (fine lines and dots) or color (stippled color)?

Please make sure to check out the frequently asked questions page at

You’ll find info on payment, touch up policies, snow days, ID requirements and rules and regulations along with some other useful info.


Thanks and

Happy booking!