Recently my husband was in a very serious accident.

His recovery will be very long and life-changing for the both of us.

I made many of my favorite designs available on goods and clothing

as a response to adjusting to a one-income household.

Please consider a gift for a friend or yourself

to support an artist and her family through a difficult time. 

While they last, pins, as well as select home goods, original artworks, and unique clothing, shoes, and accessories.are available for purchase in shop  Many are listed online at,

If you would like to donate directly to Dean's recovery please click here

Please note, merchandise purchased through Redbubble is printed to order and shipped by Redbubble. Although I would like to be made aware of any concerns, all payment, returns, and concerns regarding these items must go through

Five Sirens, LLC established 2017.

A lot of the tattoos shown were completed before Five Sirens was established. These tattoo images are published as part of Lauren Sleeper's portfolio to demonstrate ability and style for the client. 

Much of the artwork and commissioned works were created before Five Sirens was established.  These images are published as part of Lauren Sleeper's portfolio to demonstrate ability and style for the client. Many of the original paintings and illustrations are hanging in Five Sirens Gallery and are still available for sale. Please contact for details.

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