Tattoos are an investment that last a lifetime. Just as no two people are alike, no two tattoos are alike. A very small very detailed piece could take just as long to create as a larger, more simple piece.  I charge hourly for your appointment to ensure fair pricing for all my clients. Tattoos begin with a consultation either by email or in person. During your consult I will be able to give you a range in time/pricing to complete your piece. 

2020 prices are $225 per hour for non-custom tattoo work and and $250 per hour for custom tattoo work

(prices are subject to change)

The majority of pieces I do are custom pieces. I charge a $75-$300 Drawing Fee that pays for my time spent preparing your tattoo for you. This cost is based on how complex your design requirements are. The drawing fee is due at the time of your consultation and is non-refundable. This is not a deposit for your tattoo appointment. Your design will be completed before your scheduled appointment for you to review the day before. Your design includes one reasonable revision. If a revision includes redrawing a large portion of the tattoo or changing your idea you will be charged another drawing fee based on my discretion. 

commissioned works

Design services provided include, but are not limited to logos, branding, wedding and other event invitations, decor, wedding illustrations, and pet portraits, scrimshaw, and tattooed leather. Please contact Five Sirens to schedule a consultation to discuss your needs.

Five Sirens, LLC established 2017.

A lot of the tattoos shown were completed before Five Sirens was established. These tattoo images are published as part of Lauren Sleeper's portfolio to demonstrate ability and style for the client. 

Much of the artwork and commissioned works were created before Five Sirens was established.  These images are published as part of Lauren Sleeper's portfolio to demonstrate ability and style for the client. Many of the original paintings and illustrations are hanging in Five Sirens Gallery and are still available for sale. Please contact for details.

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