The next big question is: what is this drawing fee?

Drawing fees cover my time spent preparing custom artwork. Most often it has taken me much longer to draw a piece to have it ready for your appointment, than to actually tattoo it when you come in. So a drawing fee is paying for my design time. There are a number of drawing fee options depending on the size of the piece you’re looking for, and to book a custom piece you’d need to select the right one for your tattoo.

Drawings are done in time for your appointment. I email out a picture to the email I have on file for you, usually the day before, for you to review and have me make changes if you need.


Please do not request to see the drawing earlier.


One basic revision is included, but a full re-draw or change of idea would require a second drawing fee, and possibly different appointment day. So it’s important to be very clear with what your needs and wants for your tattoo are.

drawing fees are payments for time and labor. This is not in exchange for a tangible drawing to take home nor for rights to artwork. Lauren Sleeper retains all rights to custom artwork.

Five Sirens, LLC established 2017.

A lot of the tattoos shown were completed before Five Sirens was established. These tattoo images are published as part of Lauren Sleeper's portfolio to demonstrate ability and style for the client. 

Much of the artwork and commissioned works were created before Five Sirens was established.  These images are published as part of Lauren Sleeper's portfolio to demonstrate ability and style for the client. Many of the original paintings and illustrations are hanging in Five Sirens Gallery and are still available for sale. Please contact for details.

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