So you know what you’d like to get and you'd like to request a day. Every appointment requires a deposit to book, But what does that mean?


Deposits hold your spot in the calendar for your appointment. The deposit amount is the same as the shop minimum to get a tattoo ($195). 

If your appointment is accepted and booked then that spot on the calendar is no longer available for anyone else. So that means if you cancel last minute or just don’t show up it’s usually too late to arrange for another client to come in. 

Deposits are not refundable

 so if you miss your appointment or cancel short notice, or even forget your ID, you lose your deposit.

However, if you show up and get your tattoo, you’ve already pre-paid that minimum so your balance is a little less that day.


Tattoos are charged by the hour in 15 minute increments. It begins when your paperwork is completed and lasts until the end of your appointment. Time will be multiplied in 15 minute increments, minus your pre-paid deposit.


I'd be happy to give you a time based estimate before your appointment with the understanding that it is only an estimate. Everyone has different skin, and sits differently than the next person so there are a lot of variations that might happen that effect the time it takes to complete a tattoo. 


Sittings are all capped at 4 hours. So if your tattoo is going to take longer than that you’ll need an additional appointment. Sittings have to be spaced out at least a month to allow for healing time in between.